Besides our 3-person extravaganza, we each work extensively as solo acts; MC Shoehorn's Dances with Instruments; Leapin' Louie's Wild West; and Rhys Thomas, Jugglemania and Science Circus. We also offer the (quite dynamic) duos, Jugglemania with Shoehorn, and Leapin' Louie with Shoehorn. MC also works with a combo billed as MC Shoehorn's Hatband.



Jugglemania with Shoehorn

The Jugglemania with Shoehorn duo has performed in Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Nebraska, working in community theaters and doing outreach shows at nearby schools. The fast-paced fun includes Mr. Shoehorn playing up to 15 instruments over the course of the show to complement the story-telling, stunts and gags of the masterful jugglemaniac Rhys Thomas.



Leapin' Louie with Shoehorn

Leapin' Louie and Shoehorn first became friends at the World Expo 88 in Brisbane, Australia. Later they met in Montreal, Canada, and other places on the long road, before Shoehorn settled in Portland, where their families became friends as well. Louie is one of the founders of international aid group Clowns Without Borders, and Shoehorn has led the house band for the Clowns Without Borders benefit shows in Portland nearly every year. They have performed together often at the Oregon Country Fair and at the Alberta Rose Theatre in Portland, as well as the Portland Rose Festival.



Shoehorn with Equipment.JPG

MC Shoehorn-dances with instruments

Michael Conley, aka MC Shoehorn, works as a solo performance artist and as a bandleader, guest soloist, and sideman.  Known primarily for his aptitude for tap dancing and playing saxophone simultaneously, he has also invented a system of electric tap dance he calls Tappercussion™. He plays a panoply of woodwind and percussion instruments and piano, sings, composes and arranges. A versatile stylist, he plays in jazz, Americana, world music ( Japanese, African & Latin), swing, roots rock, blues, and concert bands. He sings in English, Spanish and Japanese and has released 6 CDs and a DVD under his own name on the Kutsubera label.. He is also available for clinics, lectures, workshops and masterclasses.