Art, Science, Danger!  is a 90-minute theater show with an intermission.  Load-in, set-up, lighting and live sound requirements are simple. We typically perform in a theater, but we do festival stages and school shows as well. We can also do workshops

Art, Science, Danger! These three words reflect the running themes of three sincere artists who risk it all every time they perform. Three men who have dedicated their lives to the mastery of seemingly useless skills in order to express themselves and amuse their fellow earthlings. Their core abilities have been expanded to encompass more and more material each year, but at the heart of it all is the soul of the artist, the mind of the scientist, and the danger of a guy throwing stuff up in the air.

The Art, Science, Danger! show transcends any expectations inherent to the variety genre, preserving and updating classic analog entertainment while relating sounds and skills from the storied past of"vaudeville" to the modern age with new techniques and contemporary references and improvisation.