Madcap Variety Company extra options.


We are entertainers based in Portland, Oregon with deep ties to the NW circus arts scene and the music community. Collectively, we have performed in almost every imaginable live venue, from community theaters and concert halls to class rooms, festival stages to libraries, juke-joints to street corners. Most of our work is for public events, but we are also available for private parties, conventions, and corporate functions. We can offer you thematic tie-ins for your event, bring a band with us, and feature some of our colleagues with special, spectacular skills. We have yet to produce a Super Bowl Halftime Show.


Madcap PLUS

Madcap Variety Company offers the option of additional featured performers and a full band to accompany shows and provide music for banquets and dancing. We can bring the magic of a cabaret-circus to your theater, festival or event at price point much more affordable than Cirque du Soliel.

Characters and Themes

Madcap Variety Company includes a wide spectrum of thematic content, characters and musical options under our basic rubric of Art, Science, Danger! Do you want us to tell a story about why cowboys are called buckaroos, or how physics relates to spinning plates, or how to make a harmonica "talk"? We can do that. Stilt characters, "noir saxophone", and other walk-around bits can enhance the ambience at your event.